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Podiatrists are using more SEO companies
what do SEO companies do?

Podiatrists are using more SEO companies

It appears from my travels on the internet Podiatrists have increased their usage of SEO companies and Google over the last month or two. What is the causes of this? Could be that some Podiatrists and Podiatric groups are realizing that referrals have decreased from medical doctors while their referrals from the internet and SEO have increased due to people being homebound. My guess is it’s the latter. If you are not utilizing proper SEO as a Podiatrist right now you are in trouble.

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Setting aside, for a fraction of a minute, the enormous effort and time spent here, on the acerbic comments, in general degrading the profession at every turn possible. Also, of course, about how Podiatry is SO focused on making money. Hey, it’s America! Health & Business, like Siamese Twins, is inexorably intertwined. All health care services do likewise and Podiatry is no exception. It’s the free market of BUSINESS. What about the SEO services springing up like maggots from a carcass. Every day I find 2-3 emails from yet another SEO genius pushing his services. “Choose the Silver Service, it’s… Read more »

Reality......It's Traumatic
Reality......It's Traumatic

As hucksters and hustlers, they need to get money and more money and more money. It’s the US-that was their “life.” Emptiness.

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