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Whatever happened to COVID toes?

Whatever happened to COVID toes?

Remember back in April when they thought they had found a purpose or a cause in the epidemic and termed it COVID toes? Go on to Google and look up COVID toes. You get tons of citations of Podiatrists commenting on COVID toes. Now two to three months later the Pandemic is still going on and nobody is talking about COVID toes?????? Perhaps it was just a condition a couple Podiatrists saw and they decided they needed to be relevant. I am sure the Podiatrists that said COVID toes were real are going to issue corrections and back off their statements. I’ll wait.

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Greg the bunion slayer
Greg Ladavotich

Seth, you’ll be waiting a long time. A long, long time. Like safe to move back to Chernobyl time.

robert bijak
robert bijak

By now the COVID podiatrist-connection has been used in every NYC cock tail party (Phew! this pandemic has me exhausted dx Covid Toes, hypercoagulabilty, and assisting with Ventilators) “HAF A LIDDLE MORE WINE DOCTA”? along with cheesy advertising and dinner get togethers where adulations are poured on their DOCTOR son. OOPS. The truth doesn’t support the lie but that’s ok. Podiatry goes from one lying con to the next. I suppose podiatry will claim to be part of the VACCINE development. The real truth (I know it’s redundant) is BAD FOR PODIATRY. A cheap profession in so many ways.

Thanh Dum
Thanh Dum

They couldn’t profiteer off of that nonsense, so it’s onto the next scam…..What say you Harry? Real estate agent, used car salesman, or Dp wtf?

Eddy Mex

Don’t real estate agents have to take a test? It’s more difficult for the podiatrically trained—However, one of the guys is a BROKER, and … have a client in need of reliable source HUME ROAD – anonymity remains, but it’d be a cash transaction-

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